Special Notice on ACE Presentation Style

During ACE 2016 in Osaka there were many discussions about the conference format of ACE. ACE is aiming to be the very best conference regarding computer entertainment. However our presentation style hasn’t changed in nearly 20 years and is following the traditional 20th century conference format.

Therefore we have a radical new format for all presentations to be delivered at ACE. There will be no paper, poster, or demo sessions. Instead you will be given a time slot and you can use any technique such as demo, poster, videos, songs, dance or performance to present your work. We highly encourage that you as a leader in computer entertainment make your presentation as entertaining as possible and not a normal PowerPoint presentation. You can recite a poem, do a dance or sing a song etc..

The presentation time is 20 minutes for each long presentation, and 15 minutes for each short presentation. This time includes all setup and question time.

Every lunch break and tea break during the conference will also be a demo opportunity. You can show your demos any time during these breaks.

We look forward to seeing your creativity come alive in your presentations!