Texas Hold’em Poker: Making Every Losing Session Into Winning Ones

Texas Hold’em Poker: Making Every Losing Session Into Winning Ones

It’s not an overstatement to say that you can never learn about poker strategies. There will always be some point where you’ll struggle even with all the knowledge you’ve acquired.

That’s why today, ACE 2018 brings you Texas Hold’em Poker strategies that you can use to convert your losing sessions into winning ones.

Starting Hands

It’s important for you to know just how important it is that you choose the best hands when going into battle in Texas Hold’em. However, you should expect that these starting hands are only one factor. It doesn’t decide the outcome of a game.

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Sizing Bets

While it’s true that you can bet how much you want, you need to properly size these bets. Here are four areas of betting that you should take note of.


Before the flop is dealt, you need to choose how many times the big blind you’ll raise. Typically, gamblers bet three to four times the big blind. However, if you want to be clever not like most players, you should bet 2.5 times.


Then after the dealing of flops, you should prioritize determining the size of your c-bet or continuous bet. This should be between 50% and 70% of the pot. The size your c-bet may determine whether you win or just fold at the end.


One tactic you can use for pretty much every gambling game is bluffing. However, this tactic also requires you to size your bet. It’s important to note that you should never bluff call more than what your opponent could fold.

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You may not be able to directly look at the hands of your opponents, but you can at least predict the cards they have. So by using the information you have (i.e. your cards), you can guess their cards and thus, figure out the right bet size.

Never Limp

Many poker players tend to make a call of the big blind. This is called limping, but this is known for being a weak-passive play that is usually made by beginners. Besides that, there are many reasons why you should never limp.

After limping in a late position, you’re only giving your opponents an easy pass on the blinds. Other gamblers will also speculate that you have a weak hand, which is likely to be true.

Regardless, you’ll always end playing a mediocre holding and you’ll have lower chances of winning with your hands than you should’ve had if you didn’t limp.

Know When to Fold

You might’ve never heard of this, but poker is actually more on saving your bets rather than winning with them. If you are too eager to win, you’ll also end up getting the urge to call and call until your money runs out.

That’s why it is important that you know when to fold. If the big blind is getting higher and higher, you’ll end up with less profit if you don’t fold when you still can.

By folding at the right time, you can go into a more aggressive play since other players may have less money than you, expect the one who had been getting their bets.

These are the four tips you need to know to make as much profit from playing Texas Hold’em Poker as possible. While it doesn’t guarantee success for you, it’s still worth a shot as it can increase your chances of being profitable.