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Here at ACE 2018, we bring you our readers all the happenings going around the wonderful world of poker. We can help you track all the latest news, bust-ups, big wins, and meltdowns both in the land-based casino poker games and its online counterpart.

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If you’re looking for the latest poker news, ACE 2018 is your best bet. We want to help our readers by committing ourselves to bring the latest and most significant happenings surrounding the poker industry, be it about Video Poker or Texas Hold’em Poker.


We not only provide news regarding the poker industry, but also additional news related to casino sites and the big names in the industry. We believe there are significant connections between the casino industries in general and poker games that have an impact on how poker is played.


Here at ACE 2018, we keep track of a variety of leagues currently running across the internet. We also monitor the movements of the big leagues in land-based casino sites whenever they engage in poker games.

At ACE 2018, we like to ensure that our loyal readers are satisfied, so you can expect to find the most exciting and latest news regarding competitions and tournaments. Take note that we update our database regularly and so you might find leagues popping up that wasn’t here before.


We not only keep track of the tournaments, but we also monitor all the events, whether it is small seminars held on small-scale casinos or large conferences held by the big leagues. We believe it may prove to be useful for our readers to be updated on this kind of events.


At ACE 2018 we believe it may be difficult to read news with a messy design. That’s why we went out of our way to create a calendar where you can view the upcoming and most-awaited events involving poker games all the while enabling you to check the most recent events that happened for the past days, weeks, or months.

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We may provide casino site reviews in the near future. In the meantime, we’re only going to keep updating our loyal readers about the latest happenings on the top casino sites on the internet.

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